A basic proof-of-concept prototype for a game idea I have.

The conceit of the game is that you have a double barreled gun with the twist that you fire each barrel individually and can get different firemodes/weapons for each barrel. Basically akin to dual-wielding a weapon.


WASD – Move around
Space – Jump

Left Click – Fire Left barrel
Q – Swap the left barrel’s weapon

Right Click – Fire Right barrel
E – Swap the right barrel’s weapon

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Bob the Buisnessman (Vampire)

Download Here

A game finished in 72 hours at the 2016 A&M Chillenium Game Jam. Did the programming and animation with two other people.

The theme was fofaraw, defined as;

  1. a great deal of fuss or attention given to a minor matter.
  2. showy frills added unnecessarily.

It was a really weird theme.

A/D – Move Left and Right
W – Jump
S – Crouch (A/D to crouch walk)
Right Shift – Dash


First Person Grapple

Download Here

Small prototype of a first person platforming game with a grappling hook and wall running as main mechanics. Programmed grappling physics and wall-running mechanics.

WASD to move.

Left-click (hold) to launch a grappling hook. The spheres in the air turn green when you are able to hook. You can maneuver yourself just a bit while swinging.

Launch yourself towards a wall and you will automatically wall run along the path you were looking at.

AI Capture the Flag

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Java, Searching Algorithms, AI design.

Project for an Artificial Intelligence class. We were tasked with creating an “Agent” that would successfully capture and return an enemy flag to our base while simultaneously try to protect our own flag from capture. We were provided the Java environment our Agents would travel in.

The project utilized proprietary software from UTD, so I am unable to post said environment for you to try out the agent yourself, but here are some GIFs of the project in action.

Red team is mine, the Green team is the enemy.

Some example GIFs









Red: Me, Green: Computer.

The computer uses a “Random” Agent class to determine its movements. The left arena is labeled as “traps”, the right as “simple”.

Object Pool – Dot Matrix Dodger

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C#, Unity

Object Pooling system I created for Dot Matrix Dodger. The game takes heavy inspiration from bullet-hell and shmup type games where there are dozens, if not hundreds of game objects on the screen at once. Object Pooling is a common solution for these games and I developed a pooling system that spawns enemies where I need them for the game.

View the Gist below or go to the Gist page linked above for a breakdown

Circular Reasoning


A student project turned published board game
Main Designer/Creator
Published by Breaking Games
Buy at Breaking Games or Amazon
Featured at IndieCade 2014
Selected for the 2016 Mensa Select Award


What started as a student project soon became a professional venture that’s been featured at IndieCade and is now professionally published and purchasable online atBreaking Games. The game has been featured at IndieCade, PAX South, PAX East, and various other locations around the US as part of Breaking Games’ touring.

Inspired by the rules of Chess and Checkers, Circular Reasoning is a strategy game where two to four players attempt to get all three of their tokens, a Circle, Triangle, and Square, to the center of the board. To do so they must think ahead as the gateways that allow them to traverse closer and closer to the center rotate concentrically around the board depending on the state it is in. It is easy to pick up, but difficult to master as one more can change the positioning of the gateways, change how your opponents move and change the outcome of the game.

In The News

Dot Matrix Dodger

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Mobile Bullethell Dodger Game

Dot Matrix Dodger started as an experimental personal prototype and morphed into what it is now; a fast-paced, bullet-hell game that uses the accelerometer and gyroscope on your mobile phone as the input for movement.

Inspired by games like Super Hexagon and Super Stardust, the game was built from scratch by myself using Unity, building the enemy behavior systems, spawning system, wave system, object pooling, and visual design/UI.



Split-Screen Single Player Game
Rapid Prototyping
Art (could you tell?)

Currently being developed for my Senior Capstone Project.

A proof-of-concept prototype for the Rapid Prototyping class where we had to create a game prototype every week.

A very personal game that is inspired by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the player takes control of two nameless characters separated by a wall keeping their countries apart. The game screen is split in half as the player helps the two characters run away from a hail of rockets that are being fired from each side.

This is currently a project that I am fleshing out one bit at a time.


[Student] Max and the Grimbles




A student-led project made in a semester at UTD under UTD Game Lab, a game industry simulation course. A team of about a dozen or so students must come together to create a vertical slice of a game in a semester complete with milestones, alpha, beta, and gold phases, and other aspects of professional game development you would expect.

I worked as a programmer and quality assurance tester. I created the base systems of interaction, character/item spawning, and placeholder UI, among other general systems. Towards the end of development, I provided quality assurance and bug finding towards the end of production.


12 Seconds of Terror


Game Jam Game – Theme “12”
Source Control
Systems Design
Download Here

A game made at the Dallas SGDA Fall Semester Game Jam with the theme of ’12’.

Play as a man who, every night, transforms into a werewolf. Run around and kill the villagers, but be careful! The night does not last very long (12 seconds in fact) and you must avoid the villagers while in human form. But don’t worry, as the day doesn’t last that long either (12 seconds in fact) and you can exact your terror once you’ve transformed back into a werewolf. Go on and wreck havoc!

Worked with four other people to make this game in 48 hours, acted as a programmer getting everything together.

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