Programmer, Designer, All Around Something-Or-Other

My name is Tomer Braff. This is my site. I’m a programmer/game designer.

I graduated at the University of Texas at Dallas with a dual major in Computer Science and Arts & Technology with a focus in Game Design. I’ve learned and applied several different languages (C/C#/C++, Java, Python, Lua), game engines (Unity, Unreal, GameMaker) to design and create dozens of different projects.

I’m passionate, driven, and dedicated to my craft. I’ve participated in dozens of projects over the years, from student projects to professional contract work. Below are some of the cool things I’ve done over the years.

If any of that piques your interest, don’t hesitate to send a message my way.

The Last of Us Part 2

Game Designer / Gameplay Scripter
Developed by Naughty Dog (contracted via Yoh Services)
Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment

Contracted as a Game Designer / Gameplay Scripter.
Tasked with scripting together various levels, interfacing with AI, scripting combat encounters, setting up gameplay and scripted sequences, and more. Later on I worked heavily on accessibility features throughout the game

Dot Matrix Dodger

Bullet Hell game on Mobile
Creator (Programming, Design, etc…)
Built from scratch with Unity.
Download on Itch.io

Started as an experimental personal prototype, it morphed into a fast-paced bullet-hell game that uses the accelerometer and gyroscope on your mobile phone as the input for movement.

First Person Grapple Prototype

Prototype game idea
Creator (Programming, Design, etc…)
Built from scratch with Unity.
Download on Itch.io

Small prototype of a first person platforming game with grappling hook and wall running as main mechanics.

Basic controls
– WASD to move
– Left-click (hold) to launch grappling hook. The spheres in the air turn green when you are able to hook.

Circular Reasoning

Student project turned published board game
Designer/Creator along with Edward Stevenson
Published by Breaking Games
Buy at Breaking Games or Amazon
Featured at IndieCade 2014, selected for the 2016 Mensa Select Award, and displayed at various game conventions like PAX and GenCon

Inspired by the rules of Chess and Checkers, Circular Reasoning is a strategy game where two to four players attempt to get all three of their tokens, a Circle, Triangle, and Square, to the center of the board. To do so they must think ahead as the gateways that allow them to traverse closer and closer to the center rotate concentrically around the board depending on the state it is in. It is easy to pick up, but difficult to master as one more can change the positioning of the gateways, change how your opponents move and change the outcome of the game.


A basic proof-of-concept prototype for a game idea, where you have a double barreled gun and fire each barrel independently and can get different types of barrels for different firemods/weapons. Basically like dual-wielding.

Basic controls and download here
– WASD to move around
– Space is Jump
– Left/Right click to fire left/right barrels
– Q/E swap the left/right barrel weapon types

Max and the Grimbles

A student-led project made in a semester at UTD under UTD Game Lab, a game industry simulation course. A team of a dozen or so students come together and create a vertical slice of a game in a semester.

I worked as a program and QA tester. I created the base systems of interaction, character/item spawning and tracking, UI, and other general systems.