Capstone Report Card Week 8

10.16.2016 – 10.23.2016 What I was supposed to work on This week my tasks included introducing the crouch mechanic into the player character controller, implement a timer system to create a fail state, playtest the game with a few people, and introduce a few new obstacles. What I did work on This week I incorporatedContinue reading “Capstone Report Card Week 8”

Capstone Report Card Week 7

10.09.2016 – 10.16.2016 What I was supposed to work on This week I was supposed to develop a list of obstacles and mechanics that would go into the game. This would include all the smaller details of the obstacles even if they are mechanically similar, such as building debris and a junked up car actingContinue reading “Capstone Report Card Week 7”

Camera Systems are neat

Like the title says, camera systems are neat. It took me a longer than I would have liked to make the current camera system I have, but after some finagling and diagramming things out, I figured out a system that should be able to be modified for future needs. We’ll need the Camera that isContinue reading “Camera Systems are neat”

Capstone Report Card Week 6

10.02.2016 – 10.09.2016 What I was supposed to work on This week I was to whitebox the first level of the game with basic blocks, allowing for basic obstacle traversal and movement. I was also to created and adjust the mechanics of the game (player speed, responsiveness, input, etc…) to a good point to allowContinue reading “Capstone Report Card Week 6”