[Game] Circular Reasoning

Overview A student project turned published board game Main Designer/Creator Published by Breaking Games Buy at Breaking Games or Amazon Featured at IndieCade 2014 Selected for the 2016 Mensa Select Award   What started as a student project soon became a professional venture that's been featured at IndieCade and is now professionally published and purchasable online atBreaking Games.... Continue Reading →


[Game] Dot Matrix Dodger

Overview Mobile Bullethell Dodger Game Programmer Designer Download on Google Play Dot Matrix Dodger started as an experimental personal prototype and morphed into what it is now; a fast-paced, bullet-hell game that uses the accelerometer and gyroscope on your mobile phone as the input for movement. Inspired by games like Super Hexagon and Super Stardust, the game... Continue Reading →


Overview Split-Screen Single Player Game Designer Programmer Rapid Prototyping Art (could you tell?) Currently being developed for my Senior Capstone Project. A proof-of-concept prototype for the Rapid Prototyping class where we had to create a game prototype every week. A very personal game that is inspired by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the player takes control of... Continue Reading →

[Student] Max and the Grimbles

  Overview Programmer/Engineer Systems UI Spawning A student-led project made in a semester at UTD under UTD Game Lab, a game industry simulation course. A team of about a dozen or so students must come together to create a vertical slice of a game in a semester complete with milestones, alpha, beta, and gold phases, and... Continue Reading →

[Game Jam] 12 Seconds of Terror

Overview Game Jam Game - Theme "12" Programmer Source Control Systems Design Download Here A game made at the Dallas SGDA Fall Semester Game Jam with the theme of '12'. Play as a man who, every night, transforms into a werewolf. Run around and kill the villagers, but be careful! The night does not last very... Continue Reading →

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