Camera Systems are neat

Like the title says, camera systems are neat. It took me a longer than I would have liked to make the current camera system I have, but after some finagling and diagramming things out, I figured out a system that should be able to be modified for future needs. We’ll need the Camera that isContinue reading “Camera Systems are neat”

Capstone Report Card Week 6

10.02.2016 – 10.09.2016 What I was supposed to work on This week I was to whitebox the first level of the game with basic blocks, allowing for basic obstacle traversal and movement. I was also to created and adjust the mechanics of the game (player speed, responsiveness, input, etc…) to a good point to allowContinue reading “Capstone Report Card Week 6”

Capstone Report Card Week 5

09.25.2016 – 10.02.2016 What I was supposed to work on This week I had assigned myself the task of working out what potential mechanics I could implement, regardless of it’s potential complexity of placement in the game. I would then go through each of the levels I have created for the story beats and eventsContinue reading “Capstone Report Card Week 5”