Dot Matrix Dodger – [Game]

Overview Mobile Bullet hell Dodger Game Programmer Designer Creator Download on Google Play Dot Matrix Dodger started as an experimental personal prototype and morphed into what it is now; a fast-paced, bullet-hell game that uses the accelerometer and gyroscope on your mobile phone as the input for movement. Inspired by games like Super Hexagon and Super Stardust,... Continue Reading →

Circular Reasoning – [Game]

Overview A student project turned published board game Main Designer/Creator Published by Breaking Games Buy at Breaking Games or Amazon Featured at IndieCade 2014 Selected for the 2016 Mensa Select Award   What started as a student project soon became a professional venture that's been featured at IndieCade and is now professionally published and purchasable online at Breaking Games.... Continue Reading →

Wrapping Up

School is wrapping up soon. Classes are going to end by the end of the month while the graduation ceremony will be in early May. Basically at this point I'm just waiting to graduate. I've been applying to a bunch of jobs, really any job that seems interesting and will accept my resume. In complete... Continue Reading →

Where I’m at now

Oi, it's been a while. I should definitely get into the habit of posting more regularly. I officially "finished" my capstone project last semester, which I will post in a more "official" blog post in a bit. A few weeks off of the capstone and general development has given me some time to think back... Continue Reading →

Capstone Report Card Week 9

10.23.2016 - 10.30.2016 What I was supposed to work on This week I was supposed to work on a timer system as well as begin integrating a tile system to create the levels. I was also supposed to create a few more obstacle types for the player to interact with, as well as potentially start... Continue Reading →

Capstone Report Card Week 8

10.16.2016 - 10.23.2016 What I was supposed to work on This week my tasks included introducing the crouch mechanic into the player character controller, implement a timer system to create a fail state, playtest the game with a few people, and introduce a few new obstacles. What I did work on This week I incorporated... Continue Reading →

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