Torchlight 2 – Increments [Blog]

Home Page STEAM Page Developed by Runic Games Games like Torchlight 2 are the popcorn of games. Boot it up and enjoy the gibs fly and before you know it 5 hours have passed and you notice your eyes hurt because you haven’t taken your eyes off the screen since then. It’s this light buildupContinue reading “Torchlight 2 – Increments [Blog]”

Invisible Inc. – Retro Futuristic Retro [Blog]

Home Page Steam Page Developed by Klei Entertainment (Based on the Base Game, no DLC) It’s been a while since I lost played a turn based/tactical style of game, and I’m glad Invisible Inc. was there to break that gap. A sleek presentation bundled with solid gameplay and a retro-futuristic/future-noir aesthetic that meshes perfectly with theContinue reading “Invisible Inc. – Retro Futuristic Retro [Blog]”

Cibele – Developer Intimacy [Blog]

Home Page STEAM Page Developed by Nina Freeman It’s rare for a game, indie or otherwise, to be so intimate in any aspect. Personal, sure, developers often pour their heart and soul into their projects and that often shows. But that’s it, they show their efforts, the external end result of their years long project. RarelyContinue reading “Cibele – Developer Intimacy [Blog]”

Thomas Was Alone – Puzzles with Platformers [Blog]

Home Page STEAM Page Released: November 12, 2012 Finally getting around to clearing out some of my STEAM backlog, first starting with Night In The Woods and now going through Thomas Was Alone, a puzzle platformer made by Mike Bithel. This is one of those games that I remember hearing all about over the years, cited forContinue reading “Thomas Was Alone – Puzzles with Platformers [Blog]”

Night In The Woods – Living Experiences [Blog]

Official Website Steam Page I didn’t like Night in the Woods as much as I had hoped when I first finished it. It didn’t help that I was spoiled about some of its story before I got around to it (don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers in this post), but there was something about itContinue reading “Night In The Woods – Living Experiences [Blog]”