Capstone Report Card – Week 3

Report Card Week 3 09.11.2016 – 09.18.2016 What I was supposed to work on For this week I was supposed to incorporate some light positioning systems for the player in the obstacle system for verticality. Adjust the input system to allow for more free movement, including “jumping”, and finally work on an “Outline” of theContinue reading “Capstone Report Card – Week 3”

Capstone Report Card – Week 2

09.04.2016 – 09.11.2016 What I was supposed to work on This week my tasks included working through the storyboards and iterating on the level manager/loading system What I did work on I worked briefly on the storyboarding/game-flow board for the main menu and the tutorial level, but the primary thing that  worked on was theContinue reading “Capstone Report Card – Week 2”

Capstone Report Card – Week 1

08.28.2016 – 09.04.2016 What I was supposed to work on This week I was tasked to integrate the tiling system into Unity, write out the story beats for the game, and draw up the storyboards/screen flow for the menu screen and tutorial level. What I did work on I did not do anything with theContinue reading “Capstone Report Card – Week 1”