Wrapping Up

School is wrapping up soon. Classes are going to end by the end of the month while the graduation ceremony will be in early May. Basically at this point I’m just waiting to graduate.

I’ve been applying to a bunch of jobs, really any job that seems interesting and will accept my resume. In complete honesty I have no idea what I’m planning or hoping for, but I’d at least like to move out of the city, go someplace new.

Unfortunately I haven’t been working on personal projects for a while. I am hoping to continue a project from one of my classes this semester involving swinging around on a grappling hook in first person. I’m hoping that once I graduate I’ll have much more motivation and energy to actually work on things. School really exhausts me, even when it’s not too involving.

Either way, the next few months should be interesting.


~Tomer Braff

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