Capstone Report Card Week 11

11.06.2016 - 11.013.2016

What I was supposed to work on

This week I was tasked to work on as much as I could on the small, sub-task list that I made for myself to work on. The main thing I needed to work on was to fix up the level loading system to properly start and end levels and load the next one. I also needed to create an obstacle that allows for climbing a ledge and dashing through an obstacle. I also needed to adjust the control method to automatically move the characters left and right.

What I worked on

Luckily, I was able to get bits and pieces of all of those done. The level loading system currently works, though it is a bit jankey. It loads the next level, but the start menu pops up for each of them, and the intro image does not play while the outro image does. The characters also immediately start moving even though they should be frozen until the player presses start.

I was able to finagle an animation of the current character “climbing” a ledge obstacle working, so I finally got that done and out of the way. I also got a dash obstacle working.

The characters now move left/right automatically and change directions if the player hits left/right when they are going right/left. Right now there is a weird glitch where crouching (hitting the down button) causes the player to speed up, and I need to figure out why the hell that does that. Dashing works when the player hits left/right when the character is already going left/right.

What went wrong and what I’m doing about it

I didn’t get things working quite as quickly as I would have liked, nor as stable as I would have liked. Tuesday was a hell of a day, to put it lightly. Right now my code is a bit spaghetti-like when doing things with the Level Manager and the UI manager, and there are a bunch of glitches that are making it hard to get the smaller things done.

I need to now get the bigger parts done, like getting the story sections placed in. Perhaps just putting up an image of dialogue or a quick summary of what is happening at the current moment, but this would need to used with the intro imaging system that needs to be fixed.

What’s next (11.13.2016 – 11.20.2016)

  • Rocket timer system
    • Randomly launch rockets, percentage of the rocket covering dependant on the timer left
  • Story/Narrative
    • Create an intro/outro image/storyboard to display at the beginning of each level.
  • Levels
    • 00
      • Tutorial, characters as children
    • 01
      • Characters as older men discussing their lives
    • 02
      • Characters talking about their families being affected by the conflict now
  • Fix character controller bugs
    • Crouching speeds character up
    • Characters start moving immediately

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