Capstone Report Card Week 9

10.23.2016 - 10.30.2016

What I was supposed to work on

This week I was supposed to work on a timer system as well as begin integrating a tile system to create the levels. I was also supposed to create a few more obstacle types for the player to interact with, as well as potentially start laying out a second level for further testing.

What I did work on

I’m decently happy with the amount of work I got done this week. I was able to get the Tiled tiling system working with Unity, handling all the triggers and different physics layers I need to have the characters interact with the map properly, and I finally got a decently complete level for both characters to go through. Granted, they’re symmetrical, but still.

I was also able to get a timer system working as well as a basic game loop functioning when both characters make it to the end of their respective levels. I also adjusted how the UI is displayed so that now it will display over both cameras regardless of where they are. This will mean I’ll have to use diegetic UI like highlighting objects or flashes a bit carefully so it doesn’t mess around with both character cameras, but it’s looking good.

What went wrong and what I’m doing about it

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite able to make new obstacles. I have a script for a dash-through-able object, but I have yet to implement it. I also think it is time for me to introduce some custom animations, primarily because it’s limiting the kind of obstacles I can make without seeing how they should interact with them. For example, I’ve been wanting to make an obstacle that is too high for the player to jump ontop of, so they’d have to jump and pull themselves up to stand on it. This would require an animation, and that animation would require a system to work with the player’s root motion and other technical stuff so that it runs smoothly.

What’s next (10.30.2016 – 11.06.2016)

  • Get a few people to playtest/experiment with the game and the controls, see how they react to it.
  • Implement some test animations
  • Attempt to create obstacles more dependent on animations/directly changing the player state rather than affecting things like movement speed.
    • For example, an obstacle that completely disables the character controller so the player can’t move them for a second or two, or has to press A/D rapidly to “shake off” a stun.
  • Think up more obstacles like fires, timed obstacles that lead to different routes if overcome in time, unstable beams etc…

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