Capstone Report Card Week 6

10.02.2016 - 10.09.2016

What I was supposed to work on

This week I was to whitebox the first level of the game with basic blocks, allowing for basic obstacle traversal and movement. I was also to created and adjust the mechanics of the game (player speed, responsiveness, input, etc…) to a good point to allow for further testing. I was also supposed to expand on the mechanics list with details on different obstacles and how they would be overcome.

What I did work on

I was able to create a basic whitebox of a level, though it is by no means as complete as it probably should have been.

When I started working on the level, I quickly realized that I had to fix up the camera since the current system made it really awkward to traverse the level. For example, when jumping down a ledge it would be difficult to gauge what would be at the bottom because the camera would be locked into the character’s y position.

Since then I found an incredible article on 2D camera systems and went on implementing a dual-forward facing camera system that moved downwards whenever the player was jumping to see what was coming ahead. It took a while since I wanted to make sure I could expand on the system later.

I was tempted to purchase a Unity plugin that would handle the camera system and give me much more options for the future, but I decided that for now I would code my own solutions as this is my personal Capstone that should showcase my skills in these areas.

What went wrong and what I’m doing about it

I perhaps took way too long in constructing the camera system as is. One thing I definitely should have done is draw out/diagram the system that I needed. I tend to try and work things out in my head instead of visualizing it or writing it out which can make me even more confused and work even harder for something that probably should be simpler. Drawing out the system, breaking it into chunks (one for X coordinate, one for Y) helped me figure out exactly what I needed to do to implement the camera system I needed that could also be adjusted for the future.

I also completely forgot to detail the obstacles and mechanics for the game and will be sure to rectify that this coming week.

What’s next (10.09.2016 – 10.18.2016)

  • Write out as many detail mechanics
    • Jump over obstacle
      • Premade hole
      • Mortar round comes in and makes a hole
      • Electric cable thrashing about
      • Etc…
    • Communicate needs between both sides (get food, toss it over the wall, etc…)
  • Continue to whitebox the first level
    • Attempt to introduce crouching sections

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