Capstone Report Card – Week 4

09.18.2016 - 09.25.2016

What I was supposed to work on

This week I was meant to adjust the obstacle system to allow for more freedom of movement for the player, as well as get the story outline done from Breault and sent over. I was also looking to start working on a basic dialogue system as well as a timer system to incorporate a proper fail state.

What I did work on

This week I was able to get the base story outline done and sent to Breault.

The most significant thing I did was overhaul my input system to allow for full WASD/IJKL movement. Because of this I could get rid of the current obstacle pass/fail system and just let it be something where the player can jump on top of an obstacle rather than having an overly cumbersome system to detect whether the player passed or failed.

What went wrong and what I’m doing about it

Unfortunately I was not able to work on much else. This weekend I was part of the A&M Chillenium Game Jam and was working through the weekend with my group. Basically had to carry them as I’m the only programmer.

On the positive side, though, I have found some code and systems that can help with the input system and some techniques that should help me with the capstone, like using layer masks and sorting layers for the sprites, as well as feeling a bit more confident in doing design work/interfacing with animations.

What’s next (09.18.2016 – 09.25.2016)

  • Create base timer system.
  • Dialogue system
    • Maybe make the basics, like just getting random text to display in a typewriter style. Nothing with nodes, dialogue trees, whatever, just basic coding and visuals of it.

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