Capstone Report Card – Week 2

09.04.2016 - 09.11.2016

What I was supposed to work on

This week my tasks included working through the storyboards and iterating on the level manager/loading system

What I did work on

I worked briefly on the storyboarding/game-flow board for the main menu and the tutorial level, but the primary thing that  worked on was the level manager and the loading system to allow for loading between new levels/scenes in Unity.

I focused on writing more of the overarching story structure and specific events that showcase certain themes and character struggles that the protagonists go through. I’ve at least thought of some good set pieces that I should keep in mind when building the rest of the game.

Currently, the level manager shows the intro and outro “image” when a level is loaded up. For now, it requires that the player press “space” to activate the intro image once the level is loaded, though that should be easily changed.

The way the level manager currently sets up the scenes is that each level/scene in Unity needs to be preloaded in the Hierarchy panel with all the environments, props, etc… turned off (enabled = false). Whenever the game needs to change scenes, it simply sets which scene is “active” according to the Unity SceneManager. Right now it still needs to enable the environment/props/etc… when loading each level, but for now it works okay.

Any managers/systems that I need between scenes have “DontDestroyOnLoad” so they persist between scenes and allow me to access their information when needed.

What went wrong and what I’m doing about it

I perhaps focused too much on trying to make the level loading system “right” when I should have just gotten a base functioning versions, non-fatal bugs be damned. I wanted to pass out on the keyboard and just hope for the best with the code sometimes when trying to finagle the Manager systems to work with the loading system, and I had to try several different methods of level loading before I sucked it up and just did the simplest (though not necessarily the “best” or “efficient”) method.

I need to take a step back every now and then when I catch myself getting too focused on a single task.

What’s next (09.11.2016 – 09.18.2016)

  • Incorporate the obstacle system positioning the player up/down for verticality in levels
  • Adjust the input system to allow for more free movement
    • Let the character “jump” normally, crouch, etc…
      • The character is always moving left or right, but the player can input things whenever they want rather than only seeing results when hitting the obstacle’s input hitbox
      • Kind of like Bit.Trip.Runner
  • Work on direct dialogue/tutorial text that will be displayed.
  • Work on an “Outline” of the story that the player will experience
    • Just pure bullet points for the point by point level areas.
      • Turn in by Friday no matter what

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